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Roibis will help you to strategically align your organisation so that it stands out from its competition, creates presence, growth, and ROI.  We will work with you to create the full mix of income generation more cost effectively by giving you the tools to grow and diversify your income.  Our team of not-for-profit have expertise in an array of discplines, ready to help you achieve your mission through innovation solutions.






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We serve our Clients worldwide.  We work together as one organisation to serve our Clients where ever they need us.

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Practical Fundraising


This is a huge discipline offering individual, organisational, private and public fundraising, however not all of these will be right for you, but determining and developing the mix that is, will aid you to success.


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To compete, it is essential you know your customers and position them at the heart of your organisation, however mystifying it is. As this is invaluable.  Using this correctly and innovatively, we can create thought leading strategies to build your business significantly.


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Brand & Marketing


Creating a brand is difficult enough, but defining what that brand really means to the customer and creating long-lasting affinity and loyalty is the real challenge.  We can help to ensure your brand has real and perceived value in the minds of your customers and that this increases positively over time.


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Trading & Social Enterprise


Let Roibis help your organisation recognise  potential in social enterprise and or retail outlets.  We can then formulate a proposal tailored to your organisaiton ensuring the highest ROI and profile.


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Social Media


This can be taken for granted if organisations continue to struggle to grasp the opportunites and potential at their disposal. We will determine the best route of social media and then create a strategy from scratch or enhance and improve what you already have in place -  increasing customer loyalty and brand affinity.


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Market Challenges


It is important organisations continuously re-evaluate their positions in the market and create innovative solutions to ensure they stand out, compete and win market share. Our expertise and experience will help you to do exactly that and ensure it withstands any circumstance that could befall your way.


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Sustainable funding through diversified income can help your organisation earn through other means.  Our specialist Innovations Team can help you discover the types of diversified income suited to your mission.


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Bids & Tender


Many not-for-profits rely on statutory income, but winning work takes effort in clear and concise creatve strategic planning. Roibis can help your organisation determine and hone-in on your unique positioning to winning your next bids and tender.


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