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The goal of any retail location is to draw customers into the store and then persuade them to make a purchase. Good advertising and promotion work is required to bring customers in.  But what happens once customers get into a store largely depends on the layout and design of the store.  These both play a huge role in how customers rate their experiences and whether they decide to buy, and if they return or recommend the store to others.  An effective store format or store type gives you the basis for delivering a specific offer to a customer type.  You can then build your retail planning on all the processes needed to organise the format. Where are the best sites for your stores?  How much space do you allocate to each category?  Once you have your format, space allocation and layout, you can then begin to develop it.


River Island Store Format Layout Web



Roibis can help you define your store formats based on your customer types, your store locations and sizes.  We match your store format to your customers.


We offer the complete retail store planning service for all types of stores in all retail sectors.  


We plan all formats and all types of retail outlets.  


We can do the retail planning for you or put all the processes you require for effective planning into your business.  Retailing Best Practice.




Format Layout Web

We serve our Clients worldwide.  We work together as one organisation to serve our Clients where ever they need us.



Our retail format consultants have an excellent track record working for some of the UK’s largest retailers (Sainsbury's, New Look, House of Fraser, Argos) on some of their most important projects, delivering design solutions that maximise the use of space and create great retail selling spaces.  Roibis is committed to creating store environments that exceed customer expectations.  So we support with format development and design, retail concept development, space utilisation and analysis, brand development and POS strategies and category management.

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A space model allocating the optimum space to each category for each store format and size.  Correct space allocation can add 15% to your sales and profits.


Store layouts based on your customers' decision-making hierarchy that allow for ease of movement around the store.  Each category positioned with the correct space and category adjacencies.


Roibis can give you a complete store concept with all the latest design ideas and fixtures.


A retail planning guide will ensure that you can communicate your formats and planning throughout your operation and implement to a high standard.

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