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It has never been more important to have a robust future for your organisation to succeed and withstand any unexpected situations.  We help you to 'reignite' and focus on all your needs from marketing, fundraising thorugh to governance and recruitment, by creating a sutstainable, effective and results focused strategy tailored uniquely to you.  Roibis consultants have a wealth of expertise in the full spectrum of the not-for-profit sector in every shape and size, adapting the experiences and track record to meet your organisations needs.  




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Strategy & Business


Not-for-profits are becoming increasingly challenged.  So having to comepte with the demands and competition requires innovative solutions to help them sustain and increase income and remain on top.  We will turn your challenges into a 'reality' and turn your mission into a foreseeable ROI.  


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To discuss how we can help your business achieve true results, please


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Organisational Governance


Getting the upmost out of your organisation and ensuing it is on track in achieving its objectives - even in tough times will help in strengthening the organisation.  Roibis have developed tools, methods and strategies that can be modified to assist you in your Governance, Review and Outcome and STAR.


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We serve our Clients worldwide.  We work together as one organisation to serve our Clients where ever they need us.

Event Hall

Event Management


Planning and organising and delivering the very best event possible within budget to reach financial goals and objectives can be stressful, time consuming and demanding.  Roibis will streamline your event to your satisfaction so that you are free to work on what really counts.


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Finding the perfect candidate to fit the role and culture and then retaining them is what ultimately makes the difference in the success and failure of a not-for-profit.  Roibis will get right under the skin of your company and understand its culture prior to search.  We will ensure the person fits the bill wholly.


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