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Buying & Merchandising


This is essential in ensuring the survival of any retail business - buying the right product, at the right price from the right source and then allocating them perfectly.  Many companies struggle with this and thus rely on a start to finish retail merchandising strategy that gives them the right ranges for their current and future customers.  However, they struggle with buying the stock effectively to maximise sales and grow profit.  Customers dictate retail.  Whether it is in-store, online or over the phone, they want to see what’s available and how soon they can get it.  But trying to keep up with competing demands from different channels can cause chaos behind the scenes.  This chaos, or lack of integration on the supply side, makes you less competitive, and can end up disappointing your customers.  Fail to deliver the goods, and you could lose a customer forever.  Shrinking lead times and reducing markdowns with collaborative design, development and trading can be risky.  If we look at a retail cateogory such as fashion, we find it is fickle.  To remain competitive and avoid markdowns, you need to tighten your supply chains, get the right product mix in the right stores at the right time and collaborate with your trading partners.


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Our Associates work to improve buying and merchandising in all channels.  With specialised knowledge of trends, marketing and sales, our consultants implement 'best in class' buying and merchandising; reducing stock and markdown, and increasing sales and margin.  We also conduct a category review as part of your/an evolving strategy.



A buying and merchandising tool enabling cross functional solution, to ensure the right product, at the right price, from the right source, is purchased to generate the highest ROI.


Creating the right buying and merchandising for your organisaiton.


Help you to buy the merchandise before it ever hits the store shelves.  Negotiate with the companies and in some cases, individuals, who create and produce the products.  In most cases, buy the item in bulk and then resell it in the store.


Help you predict what your store's target consumers want and like to buy and the next "big" thing at the right price to reap ROI.


Our solution allows you to effectively manage your inventory across the enterprise – helping you to buy smart and sell through efficiently.


Integrating store and online merchandising.



A start to finish retail merchandising and buying strategy, tailored to your unique needs, that gives you the right ranges for your current and future customers.  


Will work on your current strategy to ensure it is aligned with your vision, goals and the market, to reap a ROI.


Working with you, we’ll deliver an end-to-end solutionthat synchronises all functions, within the retail cycle.


We'll address all retail business processes, including purchasing, receiving, pricing, stock management, allocation, replenishment, decision support and warehousing.  


Buying and merchandising systems/programs preparing your employees with the tools.


Designing and implementing KPIs, daily, weekly and period reports.

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