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Bringing you retail and recruitment consultancy.  It has never been more important to have a robust, future focused sustainable strategy.  

We will adapt our experience and track record to meet your unique needs.  Tell us what you need and let us help you make it happen. Achieving your vision through effective and results focused strategy, fusing cutting-edge creativity with quantifiable commerce to consistently define the elusive 'next big thing'.  Uniting product direction and brand development with trend-forecasting eye for the largest global luxury brands, emerging designers, mass and luxury retailers. Specialising in brand management and bespoke retail concepts that range from entire department store reinventions to revolutionar e-vcommerce platforms; a one-stop shop that will directly influence the purchases of consumers on a global scale.



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The fashion, retail and lifestyle industries are becoming increasingly complex, so companies are desperately turning to innovative solutions to help them churn out their profits and remain on top.  We will turn your challenges into a 'reality' and turn your vision into a foreseeable ROI.


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Performace Culture, Measures and KPIs and CSR sustainable business models are required to create a compelling narrative that connects  strategy to customer and employee action; and the identification and delivery of projects that lead to positive social change.  We can help you create, deliver and achieve long-term success.


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Roibis will get right under the skin of your company and understand its culture prior to search.  We will ensure the person fits the bill wholly, as we choose very interesting and creative ways to find candidates - through quality not quantity.


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