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We serve our Clients worldwide.  We work together as one organisation to serve our Clients where ever they need us.

Strategy & Business


The retail environment has become increasingly complex and with a struggling economy and consumers' budgets shrinking, the fashion and retail industry is desperately turning to innovative solutions to help them churn out their profits.  Challenges of understanding consumers, their needs and budgets demand attention.  Companies are forgetting to re-evaluate their plans on a continued basis to recollect what truely makes them different.  Change also needs to take place in order to meet consumers' needs, as tastes and trends are frequesntly poising a threat to a companies survival.  Invisioning real creativity with a mix of rebranding is required, but companies are struggling to grasp and understand how to do it.  Due to the current economy, some companies prefer to hire in a senior interim to offer fresh innovative ideas, rather than place a permanent position.  Roibis works alongside leading retailers to develop and implement customized solutions that address today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities.


How Can We Help You?


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Fashion Design


We can address issues of being able to capture your market and draw-out 100% ROI.  Good design is not the only factor to a sale, but a mixture of what your customers really need verses what they want, price and quality.


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Buying & Merchandising


Category management is essential to ensure the survival of any retail business.  Buying the right product, at the right price from the right source.   Roibis helps you to buy the right stock effectively to maximise sales and reap ROI.


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Velocity of product, competition, objectives and the economy make it hard for retailers to stay ahead and retain on top.  There is difficulty driving towards performance improvement objectives. However, Roibis delivers tailored plans to support your retail growth.


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Branding & Marketing


Creating a brand is difficult enough, but defining what that brand really means to your customer and creating long-lasting affinity and loyalty is the real challenge.  We will set you apart through integrated alternative campaigns.


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Format Layout


Format layout is important to draw customers into the store and then persuade them to make a purchase.  We will deliver solutions that will maximise the use of your space and create a great retail selling space.


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Competiton is fierce, especially with the largest retailers taking away most of the market share through their competitive prices.  Roibis has a  'Diagnostic Review’, combining swift diagnostics with targeted solutions, benefiting a company to rekindle their vision and strategically align their future objectives.


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A well organised PR effort will repeat a message consistently and create a positive image around a company.  Our consultants will create a PR plan strategically aligned to your objectives and current positioning.  


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© ROIBIS Ltd.  All Rights Reserved Worldwide.

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