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For any company, large or small, PR can represent a significant expenditure.  Thus it is fair for companies to expect their agencies’ activities to yield a ROI and achieve new contracts/business.  It is clear there are a number of challenges when it comes to measuring the ROI of PR.  Thus, the most attractive form of ROI is direct financial return for an organisation.  There are other most effective non-financial ways to express PR value, which is important to be a succcessor in today's market - achieve good community and environmental performance.  Whichever form of ROI, there are methods of monitoring  it; assess the quality of practices and evaluate whether they feel it is worthwhile.  Although these do give some indication of ROI, the fact remains that there is seldom any direct correlation between PR expenditure and additional business achieved, so it is preferable to set a strict PR budget.  ROI, for any company, should ultimately be linked to their goals and objectives upfront.  Companies need to define these clearly and calculate it accurately,  in order to make ROI a slightly easier task.  One objective for a company is often to increase brand awareness.  A well organised PR effort will repeat a message consistently and create a positive image around a company.    



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Creating a robust PR campaign to reach its highest ROI.


Helping you face your PR challenges through effective response to your specific requirements.


A non-exhaustive list, aiding you to:

Win people over to attend an upcoming event;

Make your new movie a blockbuster hit;  

Secure your book onto the bestseller list;

Captivate more publicity;

Persuade customers to buy your new product;  

Win people over to vote for your company;  

Tackle emergency situations with effective, efficient solutions;

Win investment for your company;

Improve your industry's public image.



Roibis consultants have a wealth of experience in raising companies' profile with hundreds, thousands, or millions of people.  We can also offer you support, and PR training services, enabling you to create and action your own publicity campaigns.  Guiding you every step of the way - from generating profile boosting ideas to helping you understand what journalists want, and how they work, we can help solve your communication problems through knowledge, skills and time within your budget.  Providing you support with strategy, publicity campaign and communication.  

We serve our Clients worldwide.  We work together as one organisation to serve our Clients where ever they need us.

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Roibis will create a PR plan strategically aligned to your objectives and current positioning.  We can also run co-along side your company to implement your PR strategy and ensure it is robust and workable to reach the highest ROI.Roibis will come up with solutions to inform, influence or persuade people.  Those solutions may involve communication techniques such as getting publicity in the media (television, radio, newspapers, Internet, etc) and organising public events.

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