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Our team have extensive commercial and practical experience of event management.  Have the ability to create a map suited to your organisational mission and turn your vision into a real saleable ROI.



A creative plan based on your strengths and weaknesses taken from past events and projections and current resources.


Soloutions that take away stress, time and reap the highest ROI.


Brand and image recognition and profiling.


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Event Management


With rising demands of increasing ROI on activities and qualifying on the latest training, places pressure and need,  Planning and organising and delivering the very best event possible within budget to reach financial goals and objectives can be stressful, time consuming and demanding.  Training and conferences are thought leading and focus upon all of the key sector issues to help build the capacity of the team, but finding the time and the right resources within a short-time frame can be impossible.


We serve our Clients worldwide. We work together as one organisation to serve our Clients where ever they need us.



Evalute and review past events and its projections to create a robust plan around your requirements and expectations to bring the highest ROI.


We offer a complete beginning to end solution to all events, so whether you are planning a small organisational conference or a fundraising Christmas party, Roibis can help plan, organise and manage your event.


A highly creative and focused team offering fresh, dynamic and inspirational event organisation to raise your brand and reap ROI.


Effective planning and organising to enhance your organisation's image.


Regular communication to ensure you are kept informed throughout the event planning process.


Stress-free with post event evaluation.  


Our services are designed to allow you to choose how best we can stage your event, whether it is a simple fundraising event or a glamorous fundraising Christmas party for 1000+ guests.  All our events are bespoke irrespective of size or budget.


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