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Who We Are


We are Roibis.  


Roibis is an acronym for "Return on Investment By Innovative Strategy".  A management and strategy consultancy, aimed at helping the retail and not-for-profit organisations achieve successful ROI through intelligent strategic vision, analytically leading, incisive planning and a strong commercial approach, combined with unrivaled experience in the different sectors of every type and size.  

Our solutions work, as we develop innovative strategies, projects or services from scratch, enhance and improve existing activity, help you recruit and develop your people, that will not only inspirationally support, but also help excel in meeting today's and tomorrows' challanges.  This means they are sustainable rather than the latest quick fix or fad, as we pay our attention on listening and learning prior suggesting, proposing or carrying out any actions.



Why Roibis

  • Your success is our success.

  • Inside-out, current and recent experience of working inside retail and not-for-profit organisations, so we can get under the skin of your organisation swiftly and effortlessly.

  • Understands the different sectors in themselves are complex, inspiring and made up of thousands of organisations of every type and size.

  • We know off-the-shelf solutions can never completely meet your needs.

  • Helps management teams tackle their most complex and critical challenges.

  • Practical strategic experience of the different sector of every type and size and a track record in the services offered, enable us to design solutions that are specific to your requirement.

  • Take an upbeat view of the world, looking for the good in siltuations and don't give up when situations become difficult.

  • Decisions should be transparent, free of personal bias or hidden agenda.

  • Sets high value on rigour of thinking: on being thorough and clear, on not taking things at face value and on distilling complexity into simple messages.

  • Speak our minds, even if it means giving unwelcome feedback - and many welcome the plain speaking advice they get.

  • Brings enthusiasm into everything we do, lifting up and inspiring the people we work with.

  • Create strategies and programmes that can be implemented and will have a lasting benefit through curiosity, always challenging both ourselves and our Clients to achieve more, whilst remaining pragmatic and realistic.

  • Our Associates / Consultants are free to focus solely on Clients' success, as there no internal sales incentives and no formal third party relationships.

  • Has the desire to do the right thing.


We serve our Clients worldwide.  We work together as one organisation to serve our Clients where ever they need us.

How Can We Help You?


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