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SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises) are desperately competing with retail giants and striving to be the next 'BIG" thing.  Companies forget the three basic quesitons: where do we want to go, where are we now and how do we make it happen.  By conducting a 'retail diagnostic review', a company can benefit from rekindling their vision and strategically aligning their future objectives.  Some companies shy away from CRM, as they cannot see guaranteed returns on an initial investment, yet those who do invest in CRM and use it wisely will almost always reap customer loyalty and sales.  The growth of online retailing has been staggering over the past few years.  Integrating an online channel into an existing retail business successfully takes skill.  This channel needs to represent the brand and work hard as a stand alone store without the staff.  Done well, it can take far more than your biggest high street outlets and greatly increase customer loyalty and brand affinity.  CRM is critical to this.




Our consultants will carry out a ‘Retail Diagnostic Review’, which is specifically targeted at smaller retailers and combines swift diagnostics with targeted solutions.  CRM is a core strength of Roibis and we have developed and instigated CRM schemes uniquely tailored, guiding online strategy in terms of both sales and marketing, are exceedingly beneficial to the retailer's ROI.  These schemes keep the business much steadier through economic difficulty and make the business far more manageable as a result.  



Rekindling your vision and strategically aligning your future objectives.


A full retail dianostic review with targeted solutions.


A review of your systems organisation and procedures.


Benchmark against best practice.


Recommendations for change.

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A full 'Retail Diagnostic Review' of your strategy.  From an initial discussion to a comprehensive strategic and business analysis, dependent upon your needs.  A thorough business review would necessitate three stages:

industry analysis,

strategy review, and

business analysis.


We can help you to review your business or revise your existing one. A diagnostic provides a fixed cost review of your retail operation and recommends all the necessary procedures, systems, techniques, structure, and training and information technology you need to achieve best practice operation, customer service, sales and profitability.

We serve our Clients worldwide.  We work together as one organisation to serve our Clients where ever they need us.


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