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Many not-for-profits are seeking a better business model that could collectively create as a gift to society an increase in income to provide stable, sustainable funding toward their missions.  Developing new products and trading arms requires specialised skills, which are not always available in-house.  However, these can be achieved from five characteristics:


1. Give consumers a way to offset negative side effects with a positive action;

2. Link fundraising efforts more closely to the benefit delivered;

3. Reduce fundraising friction;

4. Maximise existing communication channels to highlight benefits that others provide;

5. Improve efficiency.




A feasible package and proposal of work, or advise you on the idea you already have is unlikely to work out right at the onset.


Using the 'Roibis 5 key principles' to bring clarity on market opportunity and realistic income potential.


Generate a healthy ROI through a robust action plan and business plan and creative marketing strategy.


Knowledgeable of the task you are required to do to ascertain your organisation has the capacity to effectively create ROI on your business strategy innovation.


A creative and compelling proposal to roll out your initiative into the market that will will branded to ensure a good standing point.




Assist in ideas generation and equip you with the tools to idenitfy the greatest potential or prospect.

Establish if there is a market and what the market interest is, through exhaustive research.


Initiate and create an innovative brand and product proposal or idea, which would be supported by design work.


Guide you on the pros and cons of disparate organisational structures for your innovative business venture.


Support you to write your action plan and business plan through the use of research, to support your conclusions with clear and realistic aims, concisely defining exactly what you want to achieve and how you plan to achieve it.


Support with determining the suitable marketing and PR strategy to reach your target market that is 'attention grabbing'.


Recognise what you need to do to be systematically prepared for this initiation.


Devise a consise proposal, jargon, free which will meet the deadline and aims successfully and effectively.


We serve our Clients worldwide.  We work together as one organisation to serve our Clients where ever they need us.



We have commercial skills of yeilding new innovations to market and modify this for implementation in the not-for-profit context by helping you to identify and plan for innovative opportunities that explore creative solutions with real ROI potential.  With our dedicated and commercially driven team, we can help you to initiate and trial new ideas, asses the market place and plan to take your ideas to market.

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