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Not-for-profits have many of the same opportunities in social media as for-profit businesses—it’s just a matter of altering the strategy.  Social media has the capacity to enable organisations of all sizes to reach more people, raise more funds and build stronger relationships.  Yet many organisations do not know where to start, do not know how to communicate effectively and make the most of media exposure opportunities.  Many have invested in new websites and social media, but have not yet been able to develop a business case for investment.  Others are failing to maximise their potential due to lack of integration with off-line communications.  With so many options it can be difficult to choose the best solution.  Not-for-profits can focus their social efforts to drive awareness, share their story, cultivate donor relationships and open up two-way communication with advocates in ways never before possible.




It can be difficult to transform a social media and e-fundraising capacity to success.  So Roibis has taken a mix of professional and commercial expertise, marketing insight and an understanding of resources and challenges that organisaitons may face and adapted it for the not-for-profit sector by developing a 'one-stop' shop to simplify and enhance your social media and e-fundraising investment, planning and implementation.  Supporting your every step from strategic planning, website and CRM build to training and help-desk support.    



A seamless, integrated service with on-going strategy.


Outcomes achieved from technological and marketing expertise.


The 'right fit' of digital and technology solutions to your challenges.


Trusted proven, professional digital partners.


The opportunity to cut costs, reach more people and demonstrate your impact.



Develop a social media strategy focused on your objectives and help you invest in the technology and solutions most suited to your organisation.


We can support you at any stage of your social media development.


We make social media comprehensible - delivering the most effective integrated marketing campaigns that will build a vibrant community of supporters. To measure your success and demonstrate ROI, we will build you the right web and CRM platforms and ensure they integrate with your social media and marketing programmes. We can offer full web hosting, training and on-going support for your staff.

We serve our Clients worldwide.  We work together as one organisation to serve our Clients where ever they need us.

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