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Practical Fundraising


Fundraising is critical for not-for-profit organisations to succeed and grow ROI.  The competition is fierce, with public funding cuts and a challenging economic climate,  it is imperative to recognise and grab its opportunities.  


It is essential to dermine the best methods for your organisation, taking into considertaion the investment, supporter profiles and ROI, to decide how to grow and diversify, as there are many ways to raise funds, it is not easy and it takes thought, planning and committment.


It could be determined that individual and small scale giving would be the best way forward.  Or raffle and lottery, payroll giving and events.  Or corporate, major donors, and legacy.  Or communities, foundations & trusts.  Or  social enterprise and charity shops.  Which ever it is, we will determine the 'right fit' for you.




We serve our Clients worldwide.  We work together as one organisation to serve our Clients where ever they need us.

How Can We Help You?


To discuss how we can help your business achieve true results, please


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Roibis can provide an affective fundraising strategy and a clear map of how your true potential can be unleasehed for the future.


Help develop and implement change fundraising strategies.


Carry out fundraising reviews that identify and 

prioritise the most cost effective ROI.


e-fundraising and social media strategies and implementation programmes that help you to turn your supporters into donors.


We can help you to draw the 'secerets' of wining major donors and win loyalty through analytical reviews.


Corporte fundraising, implementation and reviews.  


Legacy marketing programmes that attract, encourage and motivate supporters.



Innovative and practical solutions to increase ROI by working smarter.


Creating fundrasing strategies with SMART goals.


Identifying and establishing the income streams that best suit your organisation regardless of its size, culture and cause.


Solid thought leadership to dramatically raise its stature with near pinpoint precision and support, at every stage of planning and implementation of major donor and capital campaigns.



The team at Roibis are IOF members, have an exceptional amount of fundraising experience in a diverse range of not-fot-profits in every size, shape and form, in strategy development and all forms of income generation.  Roibis understands where you are and where you need to be.  So we will help you grow and diversify by identifying the types of fundraising best suited to your organisation.  We will bring fresh thinking, effective planning and innovative practical solutions to your unique set of fundraising challenges and opportunities.   We know how to turn the challenges and opportunities not-for-profit organisations face to their advantage.    

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