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It is an art to be able to inspire, motivate, transform and focus teams and vision their organisations future at heart.  Finding this type of leader is significant to be able to succeed in today's market.  Many organisations are looking to other sectors to find the skills, insight and experience they need to ensure their needs are matched.  All not-for-profits aspire to have a strong and powerful Board.  But fInding the right people whom have commercialy sound experience to bring an edge to the not-for-profit sector can be challenging.  The process, extra paper work and meetings, put strain on commitment.




We are determined in helping you find senior personnel with the right fit for your organisation.  Our consultants are experts in understanding your needs, supporting you every step of the way.  We do not hold a database of people, as we earn our fee by treating you individually and tailor your needs specifically targetted to ensure we find you the perfect match.



We support Trustees when recruiting a Chief Executive, providing guidance and advice every step of the way. Our personnel have experience of working at senior level for charities and as Trustees of charities.


Through our expertise, we are able to identify and get hold of strong candidates who may not be on the job market.


We provide a thorough interview process that identifies the best people.  We will check the track record and thoroughly understand each candidate’s career path and motivation for the role.


We monitor responses for each assignment and use up- to-date intelligence to recommend the best and most cost-effective options for each post.

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We serve our Clients worldwide.  We work together as one organisation to serve our Clients where ever they need us.



We will work with Trustees or Senior Management, advising and assisting throughout the recruitment process.

We can formulate the job description and person specification.


We can design eye-catching adverts that stand out and attract a talented pool of applicants.  Our headhunting will also identify those not actively looking for a job.


We use a specialist job board on our website, monitoring response levels and gathering feedback from candidates. Our professional management of recruitment, unrivalled contacts and candidate selection processes ensure a positive experience for every applicant.


We produce comprehensive interview reports, aiding the selection board in agreeing a final shortlist.


Selection is personalised to each assignment. After our preliminary interviews we can arrange psychometric testing or prepare an intensive assessment centre. We can suggest appropriate presentation tasks and other ways of testing the ability of each candidate.



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