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Performance Culture


Company culture is at the heart of competitive advantage and is the hardest for competitors to copy.   Some retailers manage to build a superb performance culture within a retail organisation - the culture that inspires people to go the extra mile–to make and execute good decisions even when nobody's looking and that makes people outperform all others.  It’s important to determine how things are done and how people behave.  But fewer than 10 percent of companies actually succeed in building a winning culture and even the ones that do, find it hard to maintain.  Leadership is key to the challenges of creating and maintaining such a culture.  If leaders model the behaviors and values that define the new culture such as spreading the word through constant personal contact and communication, it will transpire.  Some companies think organisational change is to reduce ‘bottlenecks’ to support the new culture.  However it is in fact to alter incentives, redistributing decision rights or streamlining processes.  Performace culture is to rigorously track their progress as the culture evolves to make sure performance stays high.




Roibis can help you determine your culture with high performers to create an environment with a unique personality and soul, and with a passion for performance.  Our consultants have an extensive knowledge in all aspects of retail operations, finance and of the best practices for retailing today.  To develop people performance initiatives that deliver organisational goals, leading enterprises to breakthroughs in performance.  We help individuals, teams and leaders to reach their performance potential through improved communication, relationships and organisational design.  Tailor made to your organisation’s unique goals and culture, along with engaging, practical and meaningful learning experiences that improve performance.  Roibis Associates Is So practical, actionable, realistic, achievable, measurable, results.



Our 'High Performace Retail' approach and processes deliver far reaching and sustainable improvements in performance.


A more concious and profitable future:

Significant and sustainable increases in sales;

Aligned, positive and committed people;

Exceptionally satisfied and loyal customers.


Exceptional growth and development.

How Can We Help You?


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We serve our Clients worldwide.  We work together as one organisation to serve our Clients where ever they need us.



Create a top performing culture and implement best practices to achieve significant and sustainable increases in sales and ROI, co-occurred by positive and committed people and exceptionally satisfied and loyal customers.


Directly and internally catalyse learning, immediate knowledge transfer and immediate impact on performance.


Create learning experiences for your people that result in positive and memorable experiences for your customers.

We will drive your product, create customer obsession and empower your customer facing people for excellent performance. format to your customers.


We offer the complete retail store planning service for all types of stores in all retail sectors.  


We plan all formats and all types of retail outlets.  


We can do the retail planning for you or put all the processes you require for effective planning into your business.  Retailing Best Practice.

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