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Measures & KPIs


Every company needs performance indicators to monitor and improve its business.  Top performers use aligned measures and KPIs (incentives) to keep people pointed toward growth.  KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are the vital navigational instruments helping you understand whether your strategy will be fruitful.  The right set of KPIs will detect current performance levels and bring the areas that need attention to the surface.  Without the right set of KPIs, organisations are a walking disaster.  The problem lies in seniors struggling to identify the vital relevant and insightful KPIs that will inform decision-making.  And as a result collect and report a vast amount of everything that is easy to measure or that everyone else is measuring.  This becomes an overwhelming overflow of data to extract information from.



Roibis can help you create a dynamic performance measurement, focusing on what really matters to the business.  We build ongoing business performance and help you devise systems that will reward actions and behaviors that advance your goals and drive decision effectiveness.  Our immense experience and best-practice approaches will allow you to measure and monitor anything in a cost effective and robust manner so that it informs decision making and leads to insights and improvements.



Create insight to monitor performance or specific areas.


Design strategic and operational indicators in result, performance and risk.


Make anything measurable and design smart KPIs for specific or hard-to-measure business objectives.


Set rigorous targets and benchmark performance for KPIs.


Set-up best-practice qualitative and quantitative data collection systems.


An analysis routine for performance data.


Communicate KPIs and performance data through best-practice visualisations and charts.


Independent advice on using and selecting performance measurement and software solutions.



Review and optimise existing KPI and performance measurement systems.  


Calculate which measures work best for you, with a focus on what really matters to the business.  


Develop a full corporate set of insightful and relevant KPIs that measure your unique business strategy and reflect your information needs.


Help with designing, analysing and visualising performance information so you get the insights you need to dive your business forward.


Support the integration of data sources and the design of data-warehouse architectures.


Design and conduct best-in-class surveys.


Provide in-house training and coaching on performance measurement, KPIs and data analysis.


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To discuss how we can help your business achieve true results, please


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How Can We Help You?


To discuss how we can help your business achieve true results, please


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