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Every not-for-profit needs be the 'STAR' of their sector.  Achieving Sustainability, Transparency, Accountability, and Responsibility.  Not-for-profits need to enhance their organisation's competitiveness and strengthen its financial health for long-term.  Strategically increasing the organisation’s competitiveness and strengthening its financial health in the current economic climate is prime.  Not-for-profits need to identify how to attract new resources to enable it to continue its activities continually inviting donors to connect with its mission and with the people whose lives are transformed by their work.  A well-run sustainable fundraising campaign creates loyalty.  Not-for-profits play a rich and vital role in modern society, but their continued success is dependent upon the public’s trust and confidence in their work.  Accountability improves the trust and confidence of all the relevent stakeholders e.g. beneficiaries, carers, staff and funders.  The Trustee's responsibilities is to ensure the funds are properly and fairly used to avoid undertaking activities that might place reputation at risk; to use reasonable skill and care in their work as trustees; to consider getting external professional advice when appropriate.



We serve our Clients worldwide.  We work together as one organisation to serve our Clients where ever they need us.

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STAR tailored to your unique aim.


Tools to attract new resources and increase competitiveness.


Trust and confidence in the public eye of the work you carry out.


Train your team on accountability and how it can attract and improve confidence and trust in potential and loyal stakeholders.


Strategic systems that deliver on time and in budget to its beneficiaries.



Our team have an extensive experience of commerical practcies in STAR, which have been implemented to reflect into a not-for-profit model.  The tools our consultants use are from the model Roibis has created.  This is then tailored to suit the unique mission of your organisation.  Roibis is dedicated to ensure your STAR is far reaching its competitive edge in the horizon amongst its competitors.



Identify your current posiiton in STAR,  identify solutions best suited to your mission and create a plan taiolred to your unique mission.


We can help you to attract new resources to continue its activities and increase its competitive edge, strengthening its financial health to withstand any circumstance.

Help you to gain public trust and confidence in your work through various campaigning and strategies.


We train your staff on accountability and how it is relevant to your organisation.


We help you achieve maximum impact regardless of scarce resources.


We can help you to set up strategic systems to ensure the successful delivery of your organisations outcomes to its beneficiaries.


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