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The governance of not-for-profits brings unique challenges and responsibilities.  Many organisations are trying to get to grips with the increasing need for a mindful, skilled and responsive Board that acts as a critical friend while empowering staff to succeed.  According to Charity Commission: "Good governance is essential for the success of any charity and is now more important than ever. Members of boards play a vital role in serving their causes and communities by ensuring the proper procedures and policies are in place to manage their charity’s resources effectively.  They provide long-term vision and protect their charity’s reputation and values."  Guidance on governance issues for charity trustees and charity chairs: helping not-for-profits ensure they have governing boards that are effective, accountable and equipped to handle change.



Roibis consultants bring personal experience of trusteeship and a wide range of successful client experiences to support large and small organisations to ensure organisations run effectively and follow good practice to accelerate performance from good to great.  We work with you on the Performace of the Board.  Enabling your Board to add real value to your organisation, we understand that each Board is unique and has its own challenges and opportunities. We work in partnership with you, offering good practice and asking the right questions to move you forward.  Ensuring your board is effective, efficient, informed, and understands the external factors affecting your organisation.



A Board aware of its roles and responsibilities, which will enhance their capacity to play a vital role within the organisation.


An understanding of the skills and perspectives your Board needs and how to manage a renewal process.


Moving your Board forward in difficult areas so that clear goals and processes facilitate good governance.


Breaking down barriers that stop Trustees working well together and creating a motivated team.


A way of reviewing your Board performance that can lead you to better governance.

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We serve our Clients worldwide.  We work together as one organisation to serve our Clients where ever they need us.



Prompt Board to think about what "good governance" looks like preparing them for the 'bigger' picture.


Roibis will identify what your organisaitons' needs from its Board, determining the exact mix and level of knowledge, skills and other attributes suited to your organisation and its stage of development.  


We regulary review data from tools and templates we have developed to reflect what other clients have found most useful, which ensures our mission to the Board and its employees are always working well.


Condut Board Reviews, and recommend where you may wish to focus future Board development work will engage Trustees more to work harmoniously.


Evaluate Board performance as a Governance Team in a way that enables future development.


Board/Senior Management Team 'Away Days', to focus on vision/mission and think through big questions.

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