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The stress increases for not-for-profits and their Boards as they face increasing demand from their donors, supporters and beneficiaries, substantiating the work they do improve the lives of their beneficiaries and retains the assurance made in their strategic plans.  From all directions, internally and externally, annually and more frequently expectations of response and change are demanded.  Not-for-profits and their trustees need to step back, pause and consider how they're doing, what they’re doing and where they're going.  Funds need to be spent effectively and strategic aims need to be achieved.  It is vital that the right processes and systems are in place and as demands for services rise, cost savings need to be achieved.  The pressure of demonstrating added value and their impact is increasingly important to the commissioners, grant-making trusts and donors due to the windfall combination of spending cuts and fierce competition for other funding.


We serve our Clients worldwide.  We work together as one organisation to serve our Clients where ever they need us.

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A plan with your strengths and weaknesses verses greatest effect on performance.


An assessment of resource allocation compared to strategic objectives.


Improve effectiveness through key systems and process developments.


Financial savings against ability to meet objectives.


Reassurance to trustees and funders of funds spent effectively.


Cost-effective ways to capture and demonstrate the difference you make and implement systems that enable, rather than hinder your delivery staff.


Understand where your organisation is most effective and how it is creating change through ongoing monitoring and evaluation system from your clients.


Design effective evaluation and monitoring strategies that create buy-in and change attitudes long-term, gaining confidence of service delivery staff.  



With an in-depth knowledge of a multitude of organisations, helping you to release your potential through effective working practices.  We will quickly grasp your current status and identify the key areas of change to free up its potential.We are able to see and understand your organisation from many perspectives, which enables us to analyse your challenges and make recommendations to meet your specific needs.  Roibis's experience ranges from evaluating multi-million pound funded schemes to helping small local charities show their funders how much of a brilliant job they do.  We understand it can be a struggling task to measure outcomes in funding bids, business planning and people development.  That’s why we want to help you add value to all your organisations activities and that’s why we have consultants and trainers in outcomes measurement.



Evaluate the current structure, processes, policies and procedures in your organisation.  Every organisation has its own unique set of requirements, so we identify the most appropriate strategy that ensures high performance.


Conduct benchmark analysis with comparative organisations by evaluating your organisation's projects and performance, how resources are utilised, strengths and areas for improvement.


We look at how resources are spent and allocated against strategic objectives and explore options for increasing effective cost saving allocation to reap ROI.


We help to review and recreate: structures and business process to bing out efficiency; processes to identify where bottlenecks can be wrung out; cost savings to identify where savings could be made with minimum adverse impact; performance to enable more effective working; and propose changes that reigns prosperity to your organisation.


Help you to use outcomes for more than just reporting to funders and make outcomes central to your strategic planning processes.

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